Twenty fucking years old and everyone I know is obsessed with my sex life.

I think my family has forgotten that I’m twenty years old, legally an adult, and very much capable of making my own decisions. But they’re not telling me to not have sex. More like everyone is encouraging me to sleep with this guy.

He’s talking to my sister about it. Admittedly, the guy is incredibly attractive. Unffff. But I don’t need help. If we sleep together, whatever. That’s fine. I don’t really want a relationship… Well, maybe a little. But things are complicated. With me. I guess I don’t know what I want.

He texted her saying he didn’t want me to hate him f we just slept together and didn’t date after that. I don’t know, something in me thinks maybe he’s worried I will hate him. Am I wrong? I genuinely enjoy his company. He’s nice. He makes me laugh. He lets me ask my mandatory nine million questions a day. Do I like him though? I don’t know.

I guess it would be weird if he did bring some other girl over after and if we did sleep together. I don’t think I would hate him though.